Taylor Hellmann
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Taylor Hellmann's Dioramas were produced from 1987 through 2004.  Of the hundreds sold the largest collections are owned
by five collectors. Many other art collectors have acquired  multiple pieces of these precious  vignettes.  

Many of the pieces were created for solo shows at galleries and the San Diego Art Institute. Taylor chose themes for these
shows and all of the pieces for these exhibits reflected the theme. These shows mostly sold out during their one month
duration and any remaining pieces were retained and later sold by the gallery. As a result very few of these pieces remained
in the artist's inventory or personal collection. Art by Design has acquired a few previously sold pieces through trade in or
direct repurchase and have made them available for sale. We have listed these on the available for purchase page, see link
below. The page will be updated if new pieces become available.

The images on the historical page of dioramas were taken before digital photography became the standard for image
record-keeping. Although some of the images are not excellent quality we have tried to  reconstruct our records of slides and
prints in order to give a history of the artist's work in this medium. All of these pieces remain in personal and corporate
This area of the site is under construction. Images will be added as they become available. We are in the process of
converting slides and photographs to a digital format. Additionally, when practical, some artwork will be rephotographed
digitally. Please check back to view updates.